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UNCASVILLE, Conn- Angelo Leo stuns Tramaine Williams and wins the WBO JR Featherweight title.

Despite, Stephen Fulton Jr. testing positive for Coviv 19 and having to drop out the card, Leo was prepared for Tramaine. Leo came out of the gate and pressured Tramaine, throwing body shots and a couple of right hooks that connected. Tramaine looked confused as he tried to figure out how to keep Leo in the middle of the ring. Every time Tramaine threw a punch and missed, Leo countered back. Leo was always pushing forward and it frustrated Tramaine. From start to finish, Leo dominated every aspect of the fight. He threw 248 punches and landed 39% of his power punches. Body shots were the key factor for Leo as he methodically broke Tramaine's confidence by going to the body often, which set up some brutal jabs that Tramaine was eating. Leo won in a unanimous decision and had this to say about the fight.

"It still hasn’t sunk in yet, it just feels surreal,” said Leo. “The first few rounds I was just feeling him out, getting his timing, getting the feel of him. I felt him kind of loosening up and breaking down, and that’s when I started putting the pressure on him a little more."

“That was the key factor in this fight, the bodywork, and the pressure. I’m pretty sure Albuquerque is celebrating tonight. I think they have four world champions because you can’t exclude Holly Holm. You have Johnny [Tapia], Danny [Romero], Holly, and now me. There are four champions in that city and I think I’ve made history there.”

Leo is now 20-0 and feels very confident that he could be the new face of boxing. He will have to defend his belt against Fulton and Fulton stated that he is looking forward to the fight and he will be ready.

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