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Angel City Football Club will be the founder of the Anti-Racist Project

Los Angels- The Angel City Football Club will support diversity and will tackle racism in soccer.

The Anti Racist Project was founded with stopping racism in the art of soccer and finding different ways to unite players together. For the next week, ACFC will be hosting various panels which reflects personal stories exploring the role of race in sports and media.

“We want to be a part of the change that we seek in this country,” said Donald Wine, In-Stadium Chair for the American Outlaws. “As a Black man, I’ve been subjected to racial abuse in the stands and in life. We have to rid all its elements from the game. That doesn’t mean just having harsh conversations. It means actually eliminating racism from our sport and implementing real solutions that make equity and inclusion a priority in everything we do. As a supporters group, we are proud to stand with everyone calling for changing the game, and we’re ready to get started with the hard work that will be needed to eradicate racism out of soccer.”

Racism and double standards have been seen around the globe, but it starts with talking about racism, as well as finding an effective way to stop the spread of hatred.

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