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Anderson Silva may have been defeated by Urian Hall in his last fight, but his legacy will live on

New York- Anderson Silva was defeated by Uriah Hall in the fourth round.

The future Hall of Famer Anderson Silva may have fought his last fight in the octagon against Uriah Hall. Coming into the fight, Silva was the underdog and a lot of critics felt like if Hall could get Silva on the ground than he could control the outcome of the fight.

In the first round, Silva was patient with throwing any of his jobs. Hall made a mistake and Silva stunned him with a couple of right hooks that stunned momentarily. Silva finished the round with a couple of huge knee kicks. Silva was more active than Hall in the first two rounds by being the aggressor.

Late in the third round, Hall caught Silva with a round hand and jumped all over him. Silva was saved by the bell. Hall finished Silva off in the fourth with a left hook that sent Silva on the ground. Hall hammered Silva until Herb Dean stopped the fight.

After the fight was over, both guys came together and hugged. Hall thanked Silva for the fight. Even though Silva may have went out in defeat, what he did in his MMA career was something amazing. Silva's record in the UFC is 34-11.

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