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Amanda Nunes destroys Megan Anderson in the first round to retain the Women's featherweight title

Las Vegas- Amanda Nunes makes quick work of Megan Anderson in the first round to secure a victory, as well as retain he title.

Nunes was all business in the first round, delivering devastating strikes to Anderson's face. Nunec caught Anderson and made her stumble. At that current moment, Nunes pounced on Andeson, hit her with more strikes to the face, which made her fall to the mat, and showed off her great technique with a submission win, as she put Anderson in an arm bar to finish her off.

Nunes has solidified herself as the GOAT in MMA and has dominated the UFC since she has stepped foot in the octagon. Nunes holds two belts in two different weight classes and has defeated every big name in the women's division. It has gotten to the point where Joe Rogan asked Nunes, what women would have a chance to fight her and be a challenge to her and this is what she had to say.

"The plan was exactly how I finished the fight," Nunes said. "I'm here. It's not my fault [I'm this dominant]. I know there are a lot of girls out there who want this opportunity. Who wants it?"

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