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AJCF is all about unity and love and wants a solution for certain topics that are discussed monthly

New York- The Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation is known to show love to different cultures and believes in the word unity, but recently the organization wants to find solutions with stopping gun violence, as well as bring more awareness to mental health.

The foundation was founded in 2000 to provide education against prejudice and discrimination, using different methods to bring awareness to these sensitive topic. The years have flown by and two topics that are more visible to the world and discussed frequently are mass shootings and mental health. It seems like mass shootings are a monthly trend and the government has not found a solution with slowing down or stopping the issue.

People around the world are fed up with praying and offering condolences and wants a solution with stopping the problem. A representative from the organization had this to say about stopping gun violence."We can regulate mass shooting able weapons for a start. The rest is to find a solution to the pitiful young men who find the need to express the desperation of their own lives on innocent victims."

This year alone, there have been 246 mass shootings and there has not been a solution with stopping it. Outside of mass shootings, comes a bigger issue with mental health. Recently, mental health has been talked about, explained, and talked about some more. A lot of individuals are being brave, talking about their experience dealing with depression or suffering from PTSD. The issue is younger children are becoming more suicidal. The AJCF wants more people, platforms, and others to help these individuals out without Judgement. It will take time,but the AJCF wants more solutions to stop hate and embrace each other with love.

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