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After overcoming a double digit lead by the Nuggets, the Golden State offense erupted to take Game 2

In the first half of Game 2, the Warriors could not find the bottom of the net. They struggled to get in sync and missed wide open shots. Nikola Jokic was having his way with Draymond Green guarding him and took advantage of the mitch-match. It look like Denver was going to run Golden State out of Oracle with a blowout win, but Jordan Poole and Klay Thomson was like nope, this is our house.

In a matter of three minutes, the Warriors went on a 20-6 run to close out the first half. Denver who looked confident majority of the half, looked like someone hit them in their gut. They literally had no answer with stopping the surging Warriors. Things got worse in the second half for the Nuggets. Steph Curry started to make it rain with his three point shots and got hot. Each time Denver attempted to blitz him, he would find the open defender and make them pay or he would just split the defenders for an easy two.

To put the icing on the cake, Green got under Jokic's skin to the point Jokic was ejected midway in the fourth. Without Jokic on the floor, the Warriors cruised to a 126-106 victory.

Curry finished with 34 points

Poole finished with 29

Thompson finished with 21


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