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Adrien Broner defeats Jovanie Santiago in a close one.

New York- Adrien Broner gets the victory over Jovanie Santiago.

After coming out of two year retirement, Adrien Broner decided to fight undefeated boxer Jovanie Santiago on Saturday. Before the fight, Broner talked about his renewed love for the sport and how focus he was for the fight, as well as the future.

In the first few rounds, Broner started off a little slow. He was not throwing many punches and was trying to get Santiago to bite on the jab. However, in the third round, Broner was a little more active, hitting Santiago with some body shots as well some right jabs to the face. Going into the fifth round, Broner only landed one power shot and struggled to counter Santiago.

Santiago was the aggressor and pushed the pace of the fight in the later rounds. Broner started to find his rhythm in the eighth and ninth round. He hit Santiago with jabs, hooks, and started to going to the body more. Broner's power punches started to affect Santiago, to the point that Santiago's face started swelling .

The last two rounds were very close and the judges scored it in favor of Broner.

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