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Addison Rae thanks her fans, despite the backlash of Met Gala invite

New York- In a world of technology advancement, social media influencers have put a dent in the word "celebrity status."

Social Media influencer Addison Rae has been in the spotlight these last couple of months with different individuals bad mouthing her. In July, Rae posted a picture of her accomplishing working with UFC as a sports reporter, but a lot of people did not like her caption. A lot of people felt like her post was condescending and UFC had to do damage control on the situation.

After that crazy situation, Rae's name popped up again with a different type of criticism. Rae was invited to the prestigious Met Gala and a lot of celebrities felt like she did not belong there, because of the lack of credibility that she has. Rae does not care about people talking about her credentials and when asked about the situation, she thanked her fans for all of the love and support. “Anyone who supports me, I love you, and thank you for everything,” Rae said. "It means the world, and I couldn’t do this without you guys!”

Rae is in promotional mode, promoting her new Beauty brand.

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