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Adam Rees: Success starts with a purpose and passion

Adam Rees is the Chief Distribution Officer for Innovative Financial Group. Innovative Financial Group is an insurance business that was built from the ground up by Adam's brother Tyler, Adam, and a group of individuals that saw the vision of a successful insurance company. The company has been very successful in the last five years, but it started with a purpose, passion, and co-workers that were consistent and dependable to the vision.

"My brother, Tyler Rees, the majority owner of IFG did a tremendous job from early on surrounding himself with not only talented people, but individuals that share the same moral compass. This is what I believe is our secret sauce that empowers talented morally sound individuals with making sure they have the resources and tools to thrive," said Adam.

Even though the pandemic has halted a lot of business around America, Adam and Tyler have found creative ways to keep their business afloat. Some of their clients were 65 and older and Adam learned how to adapt to the situation at hand. "Prior to COVID we were in the process of expanding our telesales division but with the onset of COVID, it forced us to scale that platform a lot quicker than we anticipated. Due to the amazing agents that work with IFG, we have not missed a beat."

A lot of Americans have felt the pressure and stress of the pandemic and have been uncertain with the future. Adam wants people to know that we are all going through the same thing and we need to adapt with finding creative ways to adjust to the new norm. "We as a society and country have been through tough times and situations in the past but the one thing about Americans, but specifically American entrepreneurs, is that we adapt when we need to. I would challenge individuals that are either laid off or furloughed because of the virus to really start thinking outside the box."

"Whether it is finding a passion in a field that has not been as affected as badly as others and start exploring new options. Like I said before, when I first got into the industry, I was not looking to change things up. I was comfortable and it was extremely scary to start a new venture, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I understand it isn’t that easy and people are truly facing challenging times so I am in no way minimizing that, but I always tell our team we cannot control the environment we are in, but we can control how we react to it."

Having a purpose and passion will help you grow as an individual, as well as your business. As Adam has stated "Nothing happens overnight." You have to understand your marketing strategies, demographic of people that you are marketing to, and understand that you have to have patience building your craft, business, as well as product.

Outside of building their business, Adam and his team have given back to their community with their nonprofit organization. We support a lot of different charities through our own nonprofit, “Innovative Forward.” Giving back to the community is a central pillar of who we are and what we believe in. Through Innovative Forward we have given to over five different charities this year alone and are looking to expand that in 2021."

For more information on Adam and the Innovative Financial Group, you can find them at their website

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