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  • Erica Blackburn

"A New Life” Cast & Crew Private Screening + Red Carpet Event Recap

On a late Thursday evening in August, the cast and crew for the film “A New Life” came together for a private screening and red carpet event at The Landmark Theatre in Westwood, CA.

The main cast in attendance were Daffany McGaray, Clark Chris Rouse, Kailah Ami, Danny Royce, Daniel Joo, Joan Moten, Ambyr McWilliams, Josh Butler, Kyndra Mack, Janessa A. Morgan, and Jessica Cymone.

Not only were the cast in attendance, but so were studio executives and other celebrities who came out in droves to support. Celebrities like actor McKinley Freeman, rapper/actor Chef Sean, director Geno Brook, actor Thai Edwards, actor Michael Cory Davis, actress Stephanie Charles, actor Dylan Flashner, rapper/actor Mezou, actor Erica Dasher, actor Hiram Murray, actor Mike Strong, actor Reid Ewing, actor Freckles (Jason Greene), actor Bree Winslow, actor Marcus Dupree, director David Hillenbrand, R&B vocalist/actor, Antonio Ramsey, R&B vocalist, Derek Dominique, and comedian El Gordo Mamon were in attendance.

After the movie viewing, a Q&A followed with many executives buzzing for inquiries for distribution. Director, producer, screenwriter Choice Skinner was thrilled with the turnout.

“I’m honored by all who were in attendance to view A New Life,” said Skinner. “I’m looking forward to it becoming a classic film that all audiences will enjoy.“

The story of the movie follows a man named Ronald Ferguson, who seemingly has the life anyone would dream of: a beautiful wife named Stephanie with a baby on the way, a successful career, and great support system of family and friends. After giving birth to the new bundle of joy, Stephanie returned back to her job at the bank and things were going very well for the Fergusons.

Disaster struck when Ronald found out his wife was killed during a bank robbery. He falls into depression, but realizes he now has the daunting task of being a single father to a little girl. Years later shows that Ronald has become an amazing father and prospers in his advertising career but remains a widow and hadn’t dated anyone since the death of Stephanie.

After receiving an emergency phone call from Brianna’s school stating that she was involved in a fight, Ronald rushes to the school and is introduced to Brianna’s teacher Serena. There’s instant attraction. In time, Ronald and Serena fall in love but that love is challenged by several obstacles along the way.

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