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Uconn will return back to the elite eight after hitting the "People's Elbow" on Indiana 75-58

With a chance to return back to the elite eight, UConn had to get past a tough and defensive front in Indiana. The successful key factors in the first half for the Huskies was their ability to get create turnovers and turn them into points. Uconn pressured Indiana and doubled their outside shooters, which forced them to take ill-advised shots.

On the offensive side of the ball, Azzi Fudd was putting in work. From hitting mid-range shots, to moving without the ball, Azzi was the key piece with giving the Huskies a decent lead, until Indiana started to chip at the lead late in the first half. Ali Patberg started to heat up and put her team on her back. She was bullying the smaller line-up of Uconn.

The last few seconds of the first was confusing. Indiana missed a mid-range shot with 1.9 seconds left in the quarter and everybody stopped. It was like everyone had the NBA 2K glitch and confusion was written on everyone's expression, because the Huskies just rolled the ball out of bounds. The ball was returned to Indiana, who took the turnover and nailed a three pointer to cut Uconn's lead at the end of the break, 37-33.

Coming out the gate in the second half, the Huskies went on a 9-0 run and extended their lead to 13 in a blur. Literally, the Huskies put fear in Indiana and made them speed up their offense. Indiana is not used to an up-tempo pace and it looked like this game was going to be a blow out, but the Hoosiers kept fighting. At the end of the third, the Huskies had a 15 point lead.

The Hoosiers cut the lead to 12 but did not have enough firepower to stop the charging Huskies. Uconn went on to pull out the victory and will play N.C. State in the next round.

Fudd finished with 11 points

Bueckers finished with 15

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