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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Wrestlemania's opening night was one for the ages

Night 1 of Wrestlemania from Sofi Stadium was the hottest ticket in the sports entertainment world. Night 1 had everything from a pair of vicious grudge matches. And cameos from some of the top stars in entertainment and sports such as Snoop Dogg, Bad Bunny, KSI, George Kittle and Pat McAfee.

However, the biggest stand outs were the performers. There were a bunch of exciting wall to wall matches that will have fans talking for years to come. Among the highlights on the card was the main event which put the long standing feud between The Usos against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for the undisputed WWE tag team titles. This match from start to finish culminated one of the best storylines WWE has ever told. Where the underdogs walked away victorious over the dominant Bloodline. The finish saw Zayn knockout Jey Uso with three Helluva Kicks, and he earned his Wrestlemania moment getting the pin.

Perhaps the most tear-jerking moment of the entire night was recently inducted Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio facing his son Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio had one of the best entrances of all time being driven out in a lowrider by Snoop Dogg with Rey Mysterio’s beloved best friend Eddie Guerreo’s music blasting in the background. The match had epic storytelling as the terrible son disrespected his mom and sister by throwing water on them and heckling them the entire match. Unfortunately, for Dom his mother would have the last laugh by slapping her son. This match also paid tremendous homage to Latin wrestling. As Rey Mysterio was aided by Lagado Del Fantasma draped in LWO shirts which stands for Latino World Order. Bad Bunny also aided Rey in victory after Dom’s faction Judgement Day tried helping Dom slither his way to victory. However, it was Rey Mysterios night as fans were on their feet for him the entire night.

The match of the night was for the Smackdown Women’s title. Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley stole the show. The two women put on a fantastic match. This may go down as one of the greatest women’s matches of all time as action was fast, furious and back and forth. Eventually, Ripley went for the kill after locking Flair in the Prism Trap,. Knocking Flair unconscious after her face fell on to the top turnbuckle, allowing Ripley to hit her with a super Riptide for the pin and the first SD women’s title reign of her career.

Other moments from day one of Wrestlemania include the return of WWE legend John Cena although he wasn’t successful and lost to Austin Theory he had an amazing entrance bringing out Make A Wish kids who got to soak in Wrestlemania. WWE continues to build Austin Theory as their future and him getting a clear win over Cena shows that. Also two WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Lita teamed with Becky Lynch and was victorious against Damage CTRL. Once again Logan Paul showed he belonged in a WWE ring even though he wasn’t successful he and Seth Rollins put on an amazing match with a hilarious spot from KSI dressed up as an energy drink costume. .

Wrestlemania night one was everything fans hoped it would be and more! The best part about it is there is a whole other night.

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