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  • Will Stein

Why has there been more national exposure on a coach cheating than the Favre scandal

We have seen some interesting developments in the NBA within this past week. We have an owner selling a team for racial misconduct, and a head coach getting a significant suspension for sexual misconduct with a team employee.

We have seen more coverage of the suspension of the Celtics' head coach within the past 24 hours, than the case that’s happening with Brett Favre and the state of Mississippi. From what we know with the Favre situation, it looks like a gloomy future for the Hall of Fame Quarterback. As great as some of his performances were on the football field, you can’t overlook the fact that there are legal issues that is questioning his role in the welfare fund scandal and the state of Mississippi. That’s millions of dollars involved with a state that doesn’t have the best living conditions as it is. If another native of Mississippi, Jerry Rice, was involved with something like that we’d still be hearing about it through the ESPN’s, Fox Sports, and anywhere else that you would receive national news. If everything with Favre and the state of Mississippi is indeed true, then that’s a more serious offense than the head coach of a NBA Team having affairs with a team employee. Ime Udoka is going to have to deal with his punishment through his employer and the parties involved, but he’s getting way more attention than the former Hall of Fame Quarterback who is under investigation for actions that are much more serious. Another player that wore number 4 that recently had disciplinary action against him was DeShaun Watson for his actions with massage therapists. Deshaun deserved the suspension that he got, and maybe should have gotten more punishment because it’s more of an issue of women’s rights at that point. Regardless both of these storylines between Watson and Udoka got more coverage because they can’t control themselves. At the same time government funds went missing allegedly with the involvement of the original #4 Brett Favre. With the living situation for many people in Mississippi, Favre definitely isn’t putting his home state first. As we find out more how will the general population respond. Will Favre be forgiven and forgotten? We will wait and see.


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