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Warriors could not contain JA Morant in fourth quarter

The Warriors allowed Ja Morant to put on a fourth quarter clinic in a Game 2 loss 106--101.

Things got a little dicey in the first half of Game 2. Draymond Green had to get stitches because he was elbowed in his nose and Gary Payton Jr. suffered an injury to his elbow after Dilon Brooks smacked his head from behind, attempting to stop a fast break. Brooks was ejected immediately. and the glove Jr. did not return After those two incidents, the game got pretty interesting in a fast pace manner. Both teams were shooting the three ball around 40% from the field and could not stop turning the ball over.

Golden State had trouble shooting from behind the arc in the first two quarters, shooting 4 of 19 and allowed Ja "Meta Human" to clip 21 points in the half. At the break, the Warriors were down five searching for answers 56-51.

Despite bricking each three point shot, Jordan Poole started cannoning ball shots, keeping Golden State within one those thrilling runs. The Warriors tied the game up at the end of third, going on a 12-4 run. At the start of the fourth, the Warriors took their first lead of the night and it looked like Golden State sucked the air out of the Memphis crowd. The scrappy play for the Warriors late help them extend their lead to five. From diving on loose balls to forcing Morant to jack up shots, Golden State was doing everything they could to survive and take Game 2.

Down by three with 20 seconds left in regulation, Klay Thompson turned the ball over, which lead to a crucial mental mistake.Golden State went onto to lose 106-101.

Curry finished with 27

Morant finished with 47 points,8 assists, and 8 rebounds.


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