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Virginia Tech takes care of business against Wofford 27-7

Virginia- Grant Wells looked exceptional in a victory over Wofford, passing for 314 yards, and two touchdowns.

The Hookies are now looking like the team that is gelling together. From start to finish, Tech took control of the game against the Terriers. They got on the scoring board first with field goal and added 17 points in the first half to cruise into the locker room with a 21 to skunk lead that never wavered. VT finished the game off with a touchdown late in the fourth quarter to put Wofford out of its misery.

The story of the game was the decision making that Wells had in this game. It looked like the game was coming to him easily. He did not force the issue with getting the ball to his receivers, he took what Wofford was given him defensively and made them pay. From throwing crisp darts to using his legs to extend plays, Wells was in his bag. It also helped that the running attack for VT came alive as well. On the ground, VT combined for 133 yards in the victory.

Next week, VT will have a tough match-up with West Virginia, who has yet to put a W in the winning column.

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