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Tiger Woods documentary 'American Son' premiers November 29 on ESPN

Connecticut- The Undefeated will premiere Tiger Woods'one one hour documentary American Son November 29.

American Son will showcase Woods' career and the obstacles that he had to overcome with society stereotypes.In the documentary, there would be never before seen footage of interviews that Woods did early in his career, interviews with his peers, and footage of him breaking history in 1997 with becoming the first African American to win a Major tournament. The documentary will also dive into the influence and representation that he has had on golf.

“This documentary, directed by the brilliant Lauren Stowell, is an eye-opening portrait of Tiger Woods through the prism of race and identity,” said Kevin Merida, Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, The Undefeated. “Nuanced and contemplative, it explores what it means to be pioneering and Black and have the highest expectations attached to your achievements. We are proud to partner with ESPN’s Features Unit to bring this important story to life.”

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