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This year Emmys will be very similar to the "pandemic version" of last year

Los Angeles- The 2021 Primetime Emmys will look very somewhat to what last years' pandemic version of the Emmys looked like.

Since the global pandemic happened, a lot of award shows last year had to either postpone the event, cancel it, or go on without any guests in attendance. This year, the Emmys will have some guests and talent in attendance but it will be very small and intimate type of feel to the award show.

Despite thousands of citizens being vaccinated, a new strain called the Delta virus has backtracked any future plans for huge events. Mask mandates and proof of being vaccinated are required to even attend big events such as the Emmys. COVID cases have skyrocketed in the Los Angeles area to the point the producers for the Emmys have stated that they were going to cut down the amount of people attending the event, as well as press being on the red carpet.

Outside of the smaller attendance, the coordinators for the event will have events outside, as well as inside. Like last year, some of the interviews by the winners may be done virtually, just to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe.

The Emmys, as well as awards season this year may feel like a split image of what viewers saw last year. The unknown is still a factor with different variants affecting millions of people around the globe. So, for the time being, award shows may look very bleak with less of an attendance than normal.

The Emmys will broadcast live Sept.19 at 8 PM, ET.

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