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The Undertaker has agreed to personally host the winner of the Omaze fundraiser sweepstakes

Orlando- Iconic wrestler, Mark Calaway (Undertaker) will host the winner of the Omaze fundraiser sweepstakes with an unique experience.

The Undertaker loves giving back to the community and this time around he will be giving the winner of the Omaze fundraiser sweepstakes a customized ring entrance. "We will sit their and formulate their own personal ring entrance. The fan will get to pick my mind", said Undertaker.

Outside of the unique experience, the Undertaker will take the winner out to meet WWE superstars, stay at a four-star hotel, and will get a whole bunch of WWE merch. The sweepstakes will raise money for the Make A Wish organization which is one of his favorite organizations.

"When you get to interact with these children and see what they are going through, it gives me pleasure to see the smiles on their faces. Not to sound cliche, but I tell you what, it makes you realize how blessed that you are. Helping out the foundation is really one of the highlights in my career," said Undertaker.

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