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  • Leasah Sparks

The SonRise Project will be a weekly podcast featured on Own's Podcast

In 2020 Kelli Richardson Lawson created The SonRise Project a safe haven for African American parents of children who suffered from mental health and addictions. All stemming from her own experiences as a mother and CEO of the JOY Collective Marketing Agency. Lawson gained recognition through voicing her own experiences at conferences connecting with parents across the nation.

The SonRise Project consisted of weekly inbound calls to hear an expert's lecture and have one on one private counsel.

As of today September 27th this experience will be shared with the world as a weekly podcast featuring on Own’s podcast network, which will be hosted by the Emmy Award winning creative herself, entitled "The SonRise Project" This podcast will become the newest resource for families of color to connect and share experiences with the release of 3 separate episodes featuring Dr. Linda McGhee, Clinical Psychologist, Sylvia High and Master Coach & Founder of Aimming High Inc and Sharon Green. New Episodes available every Monday.

To listen to "The SonRise Project" trailer here.

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