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The Senate turns Blue

Georgia-In a historical run-off, Rev. Raphael Warnock defeated Kelly Loeffler and Jon Ossoff defeated David Perdue.

Since the Senate runoff ended in a tie in Georgia between Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Rev. Raphael Warnock in November, their fate landed January. 6. If the candidates for the Democratic party won, they would have tied the number of seats at 50. If that happened, Kamala Harris would be the person to break the tie-breaker. However, if one of the Republican candidates won, the Senate would be controlled by the Republicans.

For the past two days, President elect Joe Biden, as well President Trump have spoke to different communities in the Georgia area and explained to people in attendance, why it is very important to vote. All of the noise was silenced on Tuesday as the votes came in.

Warnock defeated Loeffler, which was historical. He became the first African American senate in his state of Georgia.

Jon Ossoff outlasts David Perdue.

With the Democrats winning both seats, the Senate has switch from Republican to now Democrat.


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