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The Rams will face the Bengals in the Super Bowl, defeating the 9ers, 20-17.

Prior to the NFC Championship game, the Rams could be the second team in NFL history to host a Super Bowl in their own house, but they had to defeat a surging 9ers team that could beat any team on both sides of the ball. The pressure was on Matthew Stafford and a team that was built to go to the next stage of advancing to the Super Bowl. On paper, they were the team to beat, but recently they showed signs of being bi-polar. It seemed like they could put up points in the first half of games, but their offense stuttered in the second half.

With the city on their backs, it was time for them to go out there and potentially punch their ticket to the Super Bowl. On their second drive in the first quarter, LA looked liked they had a potential touchdown drive that they were putting together. Down at the five-yard line, Stafford threw an interception to Jimmie Ward, halting the drive. The Rams'defense did their job after the turnover and got themselves out of the jam.

After that turnover, the offense stalled a bit. At the ten minute mark of the second, it was announced that Cam Akers was questionable to return to the game, after inuring his shoulder. Having Akers out of the line-up for a short time put a lot of pressure on Stafford throwing more than he wanted to. Stafford got the Rams their first touchdown of the night with a 13 yard touchdown pass to Cooper Kupp. The lead did not last long, because Deebo Samuel hit the hit stick button on the next drive for the 9ers ,carrying the Rams' defense in the endzone

The last couple of minutes in the half for the Rams were hell. Stafford had two huge plays that could have went for a touchdown, but his receivers dropped the passes. They were forced to attempt a long field goal,which went wide right. The halftime score was 10-7 in favor of the 9ers.

The Rams' offense in the second half was like a roller coaster ride. They had some good plays on first and second down plays, but they struggled to convert on third and shorts. LA dug themselves in 10 point hole heading into the fourth.

Stafford hit Kupp for a five-yard touchdown to cut the 9ers lead to a field goal. LA tacked on another field goal midway in the fourth. With under three minutes left in regulation and a chance to break the 49ers' heart, LA moved the ball down the ball methodically. On a third and short, Kupp came through with a 20-yard catch to put the Rams in the redzone, but failed to punch the ball in the endzone. They had to settle for a field goal, which was good to retake the lead, 20-17.

The Rams picked off Jimmy G and will host a Super Bowl in their house.


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