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  • Anthony Morrow

The legacy of an icon continues

The legend of Marilyn Monroe as a generational icon was on full display Sunday night as the Marilyn Monroe Foundation launched her new signature vegan fragrance Forever Marilyn collection. Fashion designers, fragrance developers, soap opera stars, and models attending the event honoring Monroe with their talents and support for the foundation along with the staff who did a fantastic job.

The foster care system was a priority for Marilyn Monroe dating back to 1953. Monroe and Jane Russell performed at the Hollywood Bowl for a benefit event for underprivileged children at Judes Hospital. Monroe continued her support for foster children throughout the decades as her own foundation would eventually be established by her family and the Paris based JRP collection. The Marilyn Monroe Foundation mission is to support not just current foster children but also be a resource for kids that age out of the system.

The entertainment for this event featured an auction as rare artwork and memorabilia items were available for purchase. The evening was followed up by a fashion show inspired by the Sigal Benabou collection which featured evening and swimwear. The culinary staff at Westate Hotel had a great night, guest was wine and dined beginning with an amazingly arranged caprese salad with a balsamic dressing, shortly after attendees were presented with a bacon wrapped chicken and asparagus entree that complimented the salad and the overall event.

As a 40-year-old man who grew up in the inner cities of the bay area my knowledge of Marilyn Monroe coming in was very limited. All I can do is visualize bits and pieces of what I've seen in black and white. As I learned more about the aspirations of the Marlyn Monroe's foundation I became a fan the more I read and listened to the details of how her own experience as a child of the foster care system herself has inspired this group to carry on her legacy continuing a mission near and dear to her heart.

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