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The First Day of the Masters attracted 2.2 Million Viewers

Augusta, GA- Despite the rain delay and anticipation of The Masters tournament, 2.2 million people tuned in for the first day of play.

Usually The Masters tournament is played in April, but due to the pandemic The Masters was postponed until November. On the first day of play, their was a rain delay, which built up tension for the golfers and excitement for the viewers.

Rising golfers like Cameron Smith and Im Sung-Jae could make Masters' history with winning the tournament in their first debut. Both guys admitted that they were nervous, but you could not tell, as they put on a show in the first round. Both golfers are in the hunt for first place. Tiger Woods did exceptional, as he closed out the day in top 10 format. There has not been a golfer that has set himself apart from the group and it will get crazy, as the tournament continues.

Hold onto your hats for this wild weekend of golf!

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