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The 2021 NFL Draft-A-Thon will raise funds for individuals affected by COVID-19

Cleveland- During the 2021 NFL Draft, there will be a fundraiser called 2021 NFL-Draft A- Thon raising money to different cities hit by the pandemic.

Just like last year's NFL Draft, the NFL will come together to raise funds for different cities impacted by the global pandemic. The NFL will raise funds for these four nonprofit organizations, which are Health Disparities, The Digital Divide, Food Insecurity, and Mental Health.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is very exited about the Draft A Thon and had this to say about the fundraiser. "It's imperative to help those in need as we navigate toward recovery from the pandemic. Through Draft-a-Thon, the NFL Draft will serve as a platform to create action and change," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. "We're proud to partner with the CDC Foundation, The Education Trust, Feeding America, and Mental Health America in helping generate awareness and driving assistance to aid those who have been critically underserved throughout the last year."

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