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The 2020-2021 NFL Hall of Fame weekend will be one to remember

Canton- Since Covid-19 shut down the Hall of Fame in 2020, this year we have two classes being inducted in one weekend.

The class of 2020 is headlined by Steve Atwater, Isaac Bruce, Steve Hutchinson, Edgerrin James, and Troy Polamalu. This class was robbed of the chance to be crowned last year due to the pandemic we all went through. They knew they were hall of famers last year but now they finally are official. This class will be inducted tonight Saturday August 7th, 2021, at 8pm EST on FOX. The class of 2021 was just notified this year and is headlined by Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, Drew Pearson, Alan Faneca, and John Lynch. They will be inducted on Sunday august 8th, 2021, at 8pm EST on FOX as well. Atwater is a former Denver Bronco Safety. Atwater made Superbowl XXIV and led the Broncos in interceptions for three seasons. Being considered one of the best NFL safety’s to ever play due to his hard-hitting ability, it was time to finally put him in the Hall of Fame. Atwater was selected after 16 years of Eligibility. Bruce, former Wide Receiver for the St. Louis Rams. This team was considered the greatest show on turf. The offense was amazing, and Bruce was one of the main reasons the Rams was successful with winning a championship. In his second year, Bruce had 119 catches for 1,781 yards. This was the best season of his career some say. Bruce is the first player in NFL history with three straight games with 170 or more receiving yards. Bruce was selected after six years of Eligibility.

Hutchinson was a guard for the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings. One of the best Guards of all time, helped Adrian Peterson elevate his running game in his years as a Viking. Hutchinson was in seven consecutive Pro Bowls. Guards are key to a team’s success. Protecting the QB and RB and Hutchinson was one of the best. Any team would’ve been lucky to have him protecting their franchise. Hutchinson was selected after three years of eligibility. James was a running back for the Indianapolis Colts. Winning rookie of the year and then getting the NFL rushing titles back-to-back years, James was a walking highlight reel. Being a key player in the Colts offense besides Peyton Manning, they carried the franchise on their shoulders as great teammates and players. James was selected after six years of eligibility.

Polamalu was a safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Winning two super bowls in his career, Polamalu is considered a great in the sport. Was voted to eight probowls, first team all pro four times and second team twice. Polamalu was one of those loyal players who committed to his team no matter what. Polamalu was selected after one year of eligibility. Faneca was a guard for the Steelers. Faneca was one of the few players in the league to miss only one game in their career. He helped the Steelers win 10-plus in five seasons and led a record of 15-1. He was a big leader when it came to winning four division titles. With crazy stats like blocking for nine different 1,000-yard running backs you know he is a great. Johnson was a Detroit Lion WR for his whole career. Nicknamed Megatron for his robot-like abilities on the field, players were rattled to line up against him. Receiving seven seasons with 1,000 yards, he marked himself as one of the best WRs to ever do it. Lynch was a safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Playing in 15 seasons, lynch did not earn his starting role till his fourth season. Having one Superbowl victory and being all-pro three seasons in a row Lynch was a stud on the field. That season he has 96 tackles and three interceptions. Being an All-Pro for three years, Lynch deserved this spot in the Hall of Fame. Manning is considered by many to be one of the greatest QBs of all time, playing with the Colts and the Denver Broncos. After winning a ring with both teams, he cemented his legacy as a top QB. Coming back from an almost career ending neck injury, manning had his best season ever with the Broncos. Having almost ever record broken Manning has left a legacy behind him that few can follow with 14 seasons with 4,000 passing yards, and four super bowl appearances. Pearson has been waiting ages for this call. An undrafted free agent with the Dallas Cowboys, he retired a cowboy leading them in receptions and yards received. Making three Superbowl appearances in his career and wining one of them, Pearson had a great career as an undrafted player. Taking the hard route and proving everyone wrong was the main reason Pearson is here. Woodson, a safety for the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers. Woodson was a high draft pick being taken with the fourth overall pick. He played up to the expectations that were put on him, having defensive rookie of the year and making the pro bowl his first year. Having a career of 65 interceptions and having at least one in each of his 18 seasons, Woodson has been a player that many safeties and cornerbacks look up to.

These classes are both well deserved. The players will be celebrated with the normal Hall of Fame busts that will be placed in the hall in Canton, Ohio. Tonight and tomorrow will be days to remember for these players and coaches.

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