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T Wolves could not contain Ja Morant in the second half

Minnesota- The Twolves' was stunned by a Ja Morant go ahead bucket at the end of regulation, 111-109

After getting a huge lift from Karl Anthony Towns s in Game 4, the T-Wolves looked liked they got their confidence back and it showed at the start of Game 5. The three ball was working pretty well for Minnesota. They were hitting behind the arc around 52% and shooting at an extremely high percentage, around 59%. in the first half. After building up a nine point at the start of the second, Minnesota saw their lead disappear to two at the end of break, 55-53.

The Wolves kept Ja Morant contained in the half, only allowing him to score six points. You would think the Wolves would have been up double figures with Morant struggling, but turning the ball over once again was the Wolves' problem. Minnesota had 13 turnovers in two quarters.

Minnesota started the second half with some sloppy play. Turnovers, one on one plays that resulted in forced shots, and their star player KAT playing passive with his troubles with fouling. Anthony Edwards and Towns put up some points on the board where else the offense for the T Wolves was hiding in the woods. After Morant went skywalker on poster dunk to close out the third, the T-Wolves went on a 14-6 run to open up the fourth. Towns was hitting everything and making the Grizzles pay each time they try to double him.

Things got a little wild at the five minute mark of the fourth. In a two minute span, the Grizzles went on a 8-0 run to cut the Timberwolves lead to three. Morant hit a second chance three to put Memphis up one with 1:15 left in regulation. With a last gasp of breath, Edwards hit a much needed three with 3.1 seconds to tie up the game Morant hit a game winning lay-up to freeze Minnesota's heart.

Towns finished with 28 points

Morant finished with 30


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