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Suspense with the 2023 College Playoffs selection finally resolved

Right before the selection was made with who was going to get selected to be in the college playoffs, there was a lot of back and forth between fans as well as media as who should be in and who should be out.

After defeating Georgia to win the SEC Championship and stopping the Bulldogs 29th winning streak, Alabama was in pretty good shape with being in the mix for that last spot in the playoffs. However, there was a little concern with seeing if FSU was going to be in the playoff position. They finished with an undefeated season and won three crucial games with a back-up QB. Michigan and Texas were not really sweating bullets, because the games that they needed they won,

With coaches and players waiting on hands and knees with the results, the results finally came in and here they are. Michigan got the first seed, Washington University got the second seed, Texas Longhorns in third, Alabama got the last spot, FSU got fifth, and six was GA.

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