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Stephen Curry is the King of three pointers

New York- Stephen Curry breaks Ray Allen's record.

After an exhausting week of hearing about breaking Ray Allen's three point record, Stephen Curry hit two early three pointers early in the first quarter against the Knicks to break the record. Curry had to fight tooth and nail just to be accepted as a player in the NBA, because of his size. He was dedicated and determined to prove everyone wrong. After his rookie season, Curry got into the weight room, put on a little muscle, and developed a three point shot. Over the years, Curry extended his range from a regular three point shot to pulling up from the logo with ease. Curry has made himself into a goat by having that "Mamba" mentality. Looking at his resume and the contributions he has made globally, Curry is one of the players that impacted the game of basketball tremendously. Younger players are now taking more green light three pointers than they would have years ago and Curry is the one who influenced it. The beauty in Curry"s historical career is the fact that he never got down on himself and had faith in the process of his shot making ability.

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