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  • Eric Martinez

SMU joins the Atlantic Coast Conference starting in 2024

SMU announced today that the university has accepted an invitation to join the Atlantic Coast Conference in every sport. “Joining the Atlantic Coast Conference is a historic milestone in our institution’s history, and the start of a new chapter in SMU Athletics,” SMU President R. Gerald Turner stated this afternoon. Along with SMU joining the ACC, the University of California (Berkeley) CAL and Stanford University had accepted the invitation to join as well after the ACC Board of Directors voted to formally admit all three schools.

The schools will officially join the ACC in 2024 for SMU in July and CAL & Stanford in August 2024. SMU is the only NCAA FBS program in Dallas, and since 2013 has invested over $250 million to develop and enhance championship-caliber facilities. “This is such an important day for SMU. Becoming a member of the ACC will positively impact all aspects of the collegiate experience on the Hilltop and will raise SMU’s profile on a national level,” SMU Board Chair David B. Miller emphasized.

The ACC will continue to build upon the cornerstones on which the league was founded in 1953 with a consistent balance of academics, athletics and integrity. The addition of the schools enhances and strengthens the ACC academically, athletically and financially, and creates a true national conference that spans coast to coast. The ACC is proud to welcome the student-athletes, coaches, staff and entire campus communities from SMU, CAL, and Stanford.

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