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Showtime Boxing Results for special exhibition

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Miami- There were 20,000 fans that came to watch the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. take on YouTube star Logan Paul this past weekend.

The undercard was stacked with great fights. Kicked off by Chad Johnson Vs Brian Maxwell. This fight was a four round exhibition matchup. Former NFL wide receiver Vs a bare knuckle boxer. Johnson weighed in at 179 1/2 lbs, while Maxwell weighed in at 183 1/2 lbs. During the start of the fight Johnson seemed good until the 4th round where he was knocked down. Both fighters seemed fatigued throughout the fight. It went the distance with both fighters putting on a show for the fans. Maxwell had this to say after the fight “ask the world who Brian Maxwell is now? Brian Maxwell is here. Thank you chad, it was an honor fighting my idol”.

The next card was filled with tension. Jarret “swift” Hurd Vs Luis “Cuba” Arias. This fight had been hyped up throughout the week. At the press conference they seemed to share some words during the face off. Hurd struggled to get his weight down to 154. This led to arias taunting throughout the week. This fight was a 10 round bout in the middleweight division. Hurd weighed in at an even 158 lbs, while Arias weighed in at 158.6. While being the favorite, Hurd had the confidence going into the fight. Yet the better man won the fight. Arias upset Hurd by a decision.

Being dropped in the 5th round by a left hook, Arias found a way to keep his composure and kept pushing the pace of the fight. At the end of the fight, both fighters left it all in the ring. This is what Arias had to say after the fight.

“Props to Jarrett Hurd. You fought a great fight. Honestly, you could have had me out of there. I was definitely buzzed. If you would have found a way, I definitely would have gone down.”

The Co-main event was supposed to feature Badou “The Ripper” Jack getting his revenge against Jean Pascal. This changed when earlier in the week Pascal tested positive for four different types of steroids. This led to undefeated boxer Dervin Colina stepping in to replace Pascal. Jack weighed in at an even 177 lbs, while Colina weighed in at 176.4 lbs. Jack was looking for revenge on pascal back when he lost by decision. The anger was still filled in Jack as he took it out on Colina in dominate fashion. Badou took this win by TKO in the 4th round. Badou had this to say about his opponent after the fight ““The game plan was just to outbox him. Everything else will come. Definitely, hit the body. He was a little soft in the body but give him respect. He came out on short notice. He was supposed to fight next week but this is a different level.”

The main event was amazing. Mayweather and Paul put on a show for the fans. This exhibition fight was scheduled for eight rounds. Paul the younger fighter weighed in at 189 1/2 lbs, while Mayweather Jr was weighed at an even 155. Being walked out by the Migos and Moneybag Yo , Mayweather came in confident.

Mayweather came out very slow as usual, scoping his opponent out. Paul came out fast strong and looked for a knockout. By the third round Paul seemed out of breathe and tired. Mayweather then took advantage of this and punished Paul with his speed and counter punches. The rest of the fight Mayweather had his way. This fight went the distance with Floyd winning in most people’s eyes.

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