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Sha’Carri Richardson defeats Jamaica in 100 M and earns the title Fastest Woman in the World

Since Sha'Carri Richardson was suspended from the Olympics in 2021 for having an illegal substance in her body. Fans as well as members of media could not get the showdown between the Jamaicans' speedsters, as well as Richardson at that time, but today, we finally got the match-up.

Richardson, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, and Shericka Jackson were the favorites to win the gold. As the gun sounded, Richardson got out of the blocks a bit late, but made up for it within the first 50 meters. Neck and Neck Pryce and Jackson were, but Richardson hit another gear and guided to the finish line. Richardson was pumped after she got to the finish line but did not notice that she broke a championship record with a time of 10.65 seconds. After she found out, all of the emotions started to come out as she let the world know that she is here to stay.


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