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Serena Williams started off slow, but finished off Kristie Ahn in straight sets

New York- Serena Williams advances to the next round defeating Kristie Ahn 7-7-6-2, 6-0

Serena Williams faced a tough Kristie Ahn in the first round of the French Open. Williams had trouble hitting Ahn's backspin forehand, as well as the cross shots that Ahn served her. Williams had to dig herself out of a two hole deficit to get herself back in the game. Ahn let Williams back in the game with a couple of unforced errors and it seemed like Williams was going to take full control of the game. The first match had to be decided by a tie breaker in which Williams won and took the set 7-7-6-2

In the second set, Williams mixed it up a bit with some forehand and drop shots that had Ahn on her heels. Williams was gaining control of the game and dominated the second match 6-0.

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