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Serena Williams' goal of another major comes to a close along with her iconic career

New York- Serena Williams was defeated by Ajla Tomlijanovic'' 5-7, 7-6, and 6-1

After shocking the world and defeating the number two seed in the world, Serena Williams was starting to be the favorite to win it all. In the next round, Williams would face Ajla Tomlijanovic' and jumped out to a 3-2 lead early on in the first set. Williams defended Tomlijanovic's long shots and looked to be in control of the set. Despite, Williams early success, Williams had a few mistakes that kept Tomlijanovic hanging around. At one point in the set, Williams won straight eight points, but the striking slices of Tomlijanovic's volleys kept the game very interesting. Williams' lead disappeared as Tomlijanovic won four games to take the set, 7-5.

With her back against the wall, Williams once again had to dig deep and find a boost, because Tomlijanovic was timing her second serve and was making her pay. Williams once again grabbed a 3-0 lead and had Tomlijanovic on her heels. Instead of letting Tomlijanovic get any type of confidence, Williams was very aggressive with her backhand shots and had six aces in the set. Williams let another lead slip after a 12-minute game, which could have closed the set and sent the match into a third and final match. Williams let two games slip and finally had to fight her way in the tie breaker game to win the set 7-6.

The third set was a bit different; Williams was the one chasing the prey after dropping a game. Double faults were the Achillies Heel for Williams. Each time it seemed like Williams had a chance to regain control of the game, she would double fault. With her back against the wall, down 4-1, Williams tried everything, but it wasn't enough as Williams fell short 6-.1 In what was Williams' last match, she showed heart and the will to keep fighting. What a way to go out.

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