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Serena Williams continues to struggle with finding her range against younger opponents

New York- Earlier this week, Serena Williams was bounced early in a shocking manner once again.

Williams was upset by 68th tennis player Katrina Siniakova earlier this week in the second round of the Parma tournament. Williams has not looked like herself prior to the U.S. Open. It seems like the younger tennis players are finding different ways to keep Williams guessing, as well as making her chase shorter shots.

At 39 years old, Williams has had trouble with Naomi Osaka, and other opponents who she usually defeats. Williams serves are usually deep, but the younger athletes are finding their range with hitting Williams shot and making her uncomfortable.

Right now, it seems like Williams is uncomfortable and does not scare the younger opponents anymore with her serve selection. It will be interesting to see how she will play in the upcoming French Open tournament.

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