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Seattle goes cold in 2-1 loss to the Blues

The Kraken's offense has not really bloomed as of yet, but it's the start of the NHL season. On Saturday Seattle had a date with the St. Louis Blues, which turned into a shootout.

Jaden Schwartz scored the only goal for Seattle. We can sit here and say that the Kraken's offense was held in check, but that was not the fact. Seattle had multiple chances to get the puck in the net, but Jordan Binnington was on 'God mode" with 30 saves in the game. St. Louis tied the game up in the second period.

Now, if you are a fan of defense, there was a lot of it as both teams struggled to score. There was an extra period in which both teams were held scoreless, so they had to work out their differences in a shootout. The Blues ended up winning the shootout and gave the Kraken another L in their loss column.

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