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Seahawks named their starting QB after loss to Cowboys

Seattle- Seahawks drop final preseason game to the Cowboys, 27-26

Seattle has struggled to build momentum in the preseason, going 0-3 after a loss on Friday to the Cowboys. Despite the loss, there were some bright spots early on as the Seahawks built up a 13-10 lead. The defense had some great defense plays, but it was an afterthought after Drew Lock started making mistakes. Drew Lock saw some action majority of the game, which did not go well for him. Lock was not really reading the defense and threw three interceptions, which helped the Cowboys get back in the game. Those three interceptions were the deciding point for Pete Carroll to issue a statement after the game, stating Geno Smith was going to be the starter starting out the regular season. Lock finished the game 13 of 24 for 171 yards, 3 picks, and 1 touchdown.

Smith took over late in the second half. He did not produce much, because Seattle was very aggressive, trying to get some type of positive gains on the ground. Seahawks' running back Dee Jay Dallas had an all-around game with impacting the game. Dallas finished the game with 13 carries for 75- yards and 1 touchdown, while Smith finished throwing the ball 3 out 6 for 43 yards. Seattle blew a lead late against the Cowboys and suffered another gut wrenching loss.

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