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  • Karla Uriarte

Sam Howell Embraces Leadership Role and Thrives in Washington Commanders' OTAs

Washington Commanders' second-year quarterback, Sam Howell, is making waves in his early NFL career. With just one game under his belt from his rookie season, Howell finds himself thrust into the role of leading the team under the guidance of offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. In a recent press conference, Howell expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity that has come his way.

When asked about his impressions of the offense, Howell praised Bieniemy's attention to detail and his high standards, which have made playing for him an enjoyable experience. He acknowledged the progress made so far and expressed enthusiasm about utilizing the team's talented weapons. Howell's eagerness to learn and adapt to the playbook has been a focal point of his offseason preparation.

Footwork has been a key area of improvement for Howell, as he worked diligently with his quarterback coach, Anthony Boone, during the offseason. Studying film of the Kansas City Chiefs' offense, led by superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has provided valuable insights for Howell's development. He appreciates the opportunity to learn from the success of Mahomes and the Chiefs. He also praised quarterback Coach Tavita Pritchard who has been instrumental in Howell's growth. “He’s very detailed and he comes in every single day with a plan. He just tries to do everything he can to make sure we come on the field,” Howell stated.

As Howell assumes the role of QB1 and takes first-team reps, he acknowledges the weight of the opportunity and expresses his commitment to giving his all for the team and organization. He values the presence of veteran quarterback Jacoby Brissett, who brings experience and valuable insights from his time with various teams, including the New England Patriots.

Howell's leadership skills have grown significantly since last season, as he embraces his new role as a leader and takes command of the team. He stated, “but obviously it’s just a different role for me this year and I’ve a lot more to do when I’m on the field and I got to take control of the offense.” He understands the importance of communication, both with his teammates and in making pre-snap adjustments at the line of scrimmage.

Throughout practice, Howell has been mic'd up, allowing him to hear himself and evaluate his communication and decision-making. He has focused on overcommunicating with the offensive line and ensuring clarity in his play calls.

Howell expresses his gratitude for the support of the fans, who have rallied behind him despite his relatively short NFL career. He remains humble but appreciative of the encouragement he has received. His rapid rise to becoming the starting quarterback for the Washington Commanders has been a testament to his talent, work ethic, and the confidence the coaching staff has placed in him. As he continues to progress, Howell aims to be the best version of himself, combining his unique abilities with the lessons learned from his football influences.

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