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Ryan Fitzpatrick feels very confident going into training camp

Washington, D.C.- Ryan Fitzpatrick loves the position he is in with Washington.

After playing for the Miami Dolphins last season, Fitzpatrick was uncertain of his future in the NFL, because he was a free agent. Certain teams passed on Fitzpatrick until Washington decided to give him a shot and signed him to a deal.

Since being with Washington, Fitzpatrick loves the position that he is in and feels very confident that he could potentially be the starter at the start of the season. “I signed to be the starter in Houston. I signed to be the starter in Miami, so this is now the third team that I’ve signed to come in and be the starter for. I just feel like the way that I’m playing the last four years, kind of the progression of my career, it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense that 17 years in, physically, I feel great, mentally, emotionally. I’m in the right spot. I just think I am set up for success this year and really looking forward to it.”

Fitzpatrick walks into an organization that has a lot to prove after sneaking into the playoffs and playing a tough game against the Bucs. This year, expectations are high with drafting more of a defensive unit, which could help out Chase Young. On the offensive side, Fitzpatrick has a couple of wide receivers that were added during free agency. Curtis Samuel and Adam Humphries could potentially be a threat in the middle of the field and help out Terry McLaurin. McLaurin continues to make strides with becoming that go to guy in Washington.

If Fitzpatrick could look like he did last season with the Dolphins, the Football Team could be making some noise. With training camp right around the corner, excitement is starting to build around the globe.

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