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Russell Wilson injured in a loss to the Rams 26-17

Seattle- The Seahawks lost their QB with an injury to his index finger in a loss to the Rams.

Seattle has had a very interesting season thus far. On one hand, they look like a team that looked very dangerous and could pile up points against opponents and on the other hand, their defense has given up big plays that cost them games they had in their pockets. Going into a divisional match-up with the Rams, sports fans wanted to know what Seahawks' team would show up. Would it be the team that gives nightmares to coaches playing them or would they be the team that disappears in the sunset in the second half.

The Hawks' finally hit the score button in the second quarter, after the Rams'had a crucial PI called on them. Russell Wilson hit D.K Metcalf for a 10-yard touchdown pass and catch to break the scoreless game. Seattle shot themselves in the foot at the end of the half. A touchdown was taken off the board, because of a holding call. The Seahawks were forced to kick a field goal and missed the chance to extend the lead. The field goal went wide left. After all of those big plays down the field in the first half, the Seahawks walked in the locker room with a head scratching 7-3 lead.

The Seahawks faced a little adversity at the start of the second half. DeSean Jackson and Matthew Stafford burned a hole in the Seahawks' pocket. Stafford hit Jackson for a 60-yard bomb, which set the Rams up for a potential score. A few plays later, the Rams got themselves in the endzone, but missed the PAT to take their first lead of the night, 9-7. Things started to go south fast for the Seahawks. Wilson dislocated his finger in the third and looked uncomfortable with throwing the ball. A couple of possessions later, Seattle's was looking at a 16-7 hole, after Stafford threw his second touchdown of the day. The Seahawks finished the quarter with only 15 total yards.

Wilson let the game in the fourth and was listed as questionable with an injury to his index finger. Geno Smith replaced Wilson and got the ball moving. For not having much reps with the starting line-up, Smith got his team in striking distance. Smith hit Metcalf for a touchdown to climb within two points of the lead, 16-14.

Seattle looked like they were playing tag on the defensive end on the Rams' ensuing possession. They literally had no answer for the Rams and the Rams stuck their horns in the Hawks' heart with a chilling touchdown late in the fourth quarter to run wild with a victory.


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