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Recap of the opening season for the CYM Undiscovered League

Lewisville, TX- last weekend was the opening season for the Creating Young Minds Undiscovered League.

The opener started on Saturday with five teams going at it.The teams that played for the weekend were Undiscovered, The Veterans, The Prospects, Lewisville Yellow, and Lewisville Black. Each of these teams had players that had outstanding games and continues to improve and excel early in the season. Damyine Durham had 41 points in his first game and victory against The Veterans. Durham was connecting behind the arc, very aggressive attacking the Veterans' zone, and making them pay when the Vets left him open. The Undiscovered got their first victory of the season.

In the next round of games that happened Saturday, Lewisville Yellow played Lewisville Black. The game was very intense and it came down to a couple of stops late in the game for Lewisville Yellow to hang and get their first victory of the season, 67-57.

On Sunday, here are the teams that won their game. Undiscovered remained undefeated with a 69-61 over The Prospects. The Prospects upsets Lewisville Yellow 62-48. The Veterans demolished Lewisville Black 86-64.

Here were the leading scores of each of these games.

Day 1:

Undiscovered 86 vs The Veterans 70


Damyine Durham (6'4 185lbs) 41pts

Chase Winchester (6'0 180lbs) 18pts

The Veterans:

Kyle Nelson (6'7 215lbs) 24pts

Matthew Smith (6'7 225lbs) 12pts

Lewisville Yellow 67 vs Lewisville Black 57

Lewisville Yellow:

Shirmane Thomas (6'4 190lbs) 21pts

Brandon McElvy (5'10 165lbs) 11pts 6asts

Lewisville Black:

Marcus Brooks (6'6 190lbs) 22pts

Jesse Williams (6'7 225lbs) 12pts

Day 2:

Undiscovered 69 vs The Prospects 61


Balsa Bazovic (6'7 215lbs) 22pts

Jarrett Henderson (6'7 200lbs) 21pts

The Prospects:

Shirmane Thomas (6'4 185lbs) 19pts

Rick Curry (6'9 290lbs) 16pts

The Prospects 62 vs Lewisville Yellow 48

The Prospects:

Darius Tabron (6'5 180lbs) 17pts 9rbs

Khayree Fareed (6'1 170lbs) 13pts

Lewisville Yellow:

Gabe Hobbs (6'5 235lbs) 14pts

Preston Ragsdale (6'0 150lbs) 11pts

The Veterans 86 vs Lewisville Black 64

The Veterans:

Austin Rettig (6'5 220lbs) 22pts

Matthew Smith (6'7 225lbs) 22pts

Andy Plautz (6'3 205lbs) 17pts

Lewisville Black:

Marcus Brooks (6'6 190lbs) 21pts

Jesse Williams (6'7 225lbs) 20pts

Here are the standing for the teams.

Undiscovered: 2-0

The Veterans: 1-1

The Prospects: 1-1

Lewisville Yellow: 1-1

Lewisville Black: 0-2

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