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Producers want Oscars to look like a movie instead of a television show

Los Angeles- Despite the unique circumstances, the producers for the Oscars want the awards to look more like a movie than a television show.

“Our plan is that this year’s Oscars will look like a movie, not a television show,” said show producers Jesse Collins, Stacy Sher and Steven Soderbergh in a statement.

Last week, the producers of the Oscars sent a memo to the nominees explaining that the show was going to be live , as well as an intimate and comfortable setting foe everyone involved. The producers announced as well that there will be no zoom interviews for the nominees. You either have to be in attendance or you will just miss your chance.

As of right now, the Oscars will not have a host and different celebrities in attendance will basically hosting themselves. The Oscars will broadcast live April 25 at 8 PM, ET.

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