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President Trump exits, and Joe Biden becomes President in a historical inauguration

Washington D.C- President Trump's four year term has ended and Joe Biden's term has started with a historical celebration.

Biden and Kamala Harris both broke history at this unique time. Biden will be the oldest president elected and Harris will be the first women elected as vice president. Both Harris and Biden understood that they had to make an immediate impact with getting the country back on track and find a way with decreasing COVID-19 cases.

It was a celebration of unity as the transition of power was official. Prior to the inauguration both Harris and Biden spoke about what will happen in their first three months of being in office. They spoke about love, unity, and encouraged Americans to build a bridge of happiness within each others.

"With unity, we could do great things, we could rebuild our economy, we could beat the virus.. We could treat each other with dignity and respect. Without unity, we would not be in peace. Unity is the path forward," said Biden during his inauguration. "I will be a president for all Americans. I will fight as hard for those that did not support me, as well as those who supported me. We must set aside politics and come together."


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