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Pat Shurmur praises Drew Lock's effort last week against the Chargers

Denver- After losing to the Los Angeles Chargers last Sunday, Denver' offensive coach Pat Shurmur praised Drew Lock for his effort.

In recent weeks, Drew Lock has been on the "Hot Seat" with having bad games, turning the ball over, and not playing up to his potential. Denver's confidence in Lock being a franchise quarterback for the organization is decreasing each week. Last week, the Broncos were trailing majority of the game. Lock put the team on his back and almost came up with a victory over the Chargers. Despite another close loss, the Broncos felt like Lock showed improvement from previous weeks and put the team in a good position to win.

Pat Shurmur loved how Lock gave his team a shot to win and praised him in a media presser this week. "He showed that he can lead us to victory. I think he can build on that. Obviously, the challenge for us is to get a faster start, so that we’re not putting any of ourselves in those situations. I was pleased that he was able to execute at a pretty high level late in the game and then when forced to get one throw for the win, he was able to execute it," said Shurmur.

The Broncos will be facing the Atlanta Falcons this week and Lock knows that he needs to make the right reads, not turn the ball over, and check the ball down when the big play is not there.

With Shurmur giving his a boost of confidence this week, let's see how Lock comes out the gate against the Falcons.


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