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Orlando Magic Youth Foundation donates $1M to area non-profit organizations

Orlando- On Wednesday, the Orlando Magic announced that their youth foundation was going to donate $1M dollars to non-profit organizations that caters to at-risk families and children.

The Magic executives have always took the opportunity to help out their community anyway that they could. Last year, fundraising events were canceled due to the surging of COVID-19 cases increasing. The Devos' family contributed to $700,000, while three different groups were awarded with $100,000.

“Through the leadership and generosity of the DeVos family, giving back to our community has always been a focal point in all that we do as an organization," said Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins. “This past year has been challenging for so many. The way the DeVos family, Magic organization and area nonprofits stepped up to help others represents the very core of Mr. & Mrs. DeVos' vision for the team – to serve as a platform for the Central Florida community to rally together and reach even greater heights.”

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