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Only limited attendance for upcoming Kentucky Derby race

Louisville-The 2021 Kentucky Derby race will have limited fans in the stands, due to safety restrictions with the pandemic.

With under three months to go until the "Super Bowl" of horse racing starts, there have been many concerns about having the public in the stands and at what capacity. The horse racing committee has decided to allow people with personal seat licenses, memberships and annual tickets, and people who received refunds in 2020 to attend the event for only May 1.

Previously, the horse racing committee was going to allow 40-50% capacity, but they are indecisive at this current moment, due to the rise of increased cases. “Kentucky Derby Week represents a time of fun and excitement and our team is working diligently to create and deliver the best customer experience possible as we do every year,” Anderson said. “We’ll continue to rely on proven health and safety protocols and operate within the guidance of state health officials as well as the CDC."

For fans who want to try their luck with purchasing tickets, you could go to the Kentucky Derby Ticket Exchange website and see if they tickets are still available.

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