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  • Samuel Rodriguez

Normal life is coming back in the sense of being a member of media

Miami- The Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul fight was one of the first events to be held live to media.

Fight week for media was different but close to normal. Most events were mask free if you were fully vaccinated. Yet how can they tell? No one was asked to show a card or proof. This was a concern for a lot of media throughout the week. Some wore masks still and others did not.

The first big event for fight week was the Versace mansion. This was held for the Mayweather Paul press conference. Media was allowed in without an ID check, just a sign in sheet of paper. This was the case for most events during fight week. At the mansion, there were no restrictions. Media was able to roam around freely and get content on celebrities that were in attendance..

In the undercard press conference, media did not have to wear face coverings.The event was not as packed as the mansion conference. The fighters walked around before and spoke with some media, doing little interviews here and there. Media had no limitations and were able to ask questions and be close together.

Most of the undercard press conferences and weigh ins were the same. The big difference was at the Mayweather Paul weigh in at the Hard Rock Casino. This event had all members of the media with wrist bands on the floor. We were allowed to walk around and network without restrictions. Fans were allowed in to watch on a first come first serve basis. This was a bigger sense of somewhat normal when it comes to media.

The actual fight night was different. For media we were brought up to a press room with assigned seats. Each seat was boxed in by glass panels. There were assorted sandwiches again for media. Most members ended up getting food down in the concession stands anyway. The fight itself was all normal it seemed. The fans were close on each other, celebrities walking he hallways, and food stands running as normal.

The post-fight press conference seemed packed. The room was filled with media piled on top on one another. The fighters had their groups following them to the podium, so it was a full house. Everyone was unmasked and in close contact with one another.

Overall, this was a great experience. Media seems to be working back to normal in the sport of boxing at least. The NBA and NFL seem to be a lot more difficult for media still currently.

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