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Nickelodeon and CBS Sports tag team up for new weekly show hosted by Nate Burleson

Los Angeles- Nate Burleson will be hosting a weekly NFL series on Nickelodeon called Slime Time.

On Friday, Nickelodeon and CBS Sports announced a partnership that will give the youth a chance to understand football in a much creative way. Each week Burleson will give updates, recaps, and previews on NFL games in a much animated way. Former, as well as active football players will come on the show to give their perspective about the games.

Shawn Robbins, Executive Producer and Showrunner of NFL Slimetime had this to say about the new creative series. "I am excited to build on the success of last season’s NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon with NFL Slimetime and another Wild Card presentation. From Nick-ified highlights, expert advice, kid-focused fun and special guest appearances, NFL Slimetime will wow kids and families as only Nickelodeon can on a weekly basis.”

Outside of the new series, the NFL will return to Nickelodeon Jan. 16 and broadcast a Wild Card, which will feature creative content, players, and a potential person getting slimed.

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