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NFL Hall of Famers will will break down the 2021 NFL Draft on a two-hour special

Cleveland- Prior to the NFL Draft, NFL Hall of Famers will break down where each player may go and how they will affect their teams on a two hour special on the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Facebook.

Isaac Bruce, Bill Polian, and Aeneas Williams will sit and chat about the potential NFL Draftees and where will they land in the draft. The two hour special will lead directly into the NFL Draft, which will start at 8 PM, ET.

“‘The Mission’ podcast goes LIVE with a 2021 pre-NFL Draft Special with four draft experts, including former NFL General Managers Charley Casserly and Hall of Famer Bill Polian, who between the two of them, have drafted seven Hall of Famers,” said Howerton, producer and host of “The Mission” podcast. “Fans can tune in tonight to see who from this class Casserly and Polian see as having the potential on their road to Canton.”

Excitement has started around the globe with the NFL Draft and it will be interesting to see what surprises will happen in the next three days.

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