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NFL and Bucs contribute $2M to help out Tampa's community

Tampa- Each year, the NFL foundation contributes with raising money for communities that are hosting the Super Bowl.

The Bucs, as well as the NFL raised up to $2M dollars to help out the Tampa community. With bringing raising $2M dollars, the NFL wanted to help programs such as Early Childhood Education, Fuel (Food Insecurity), Families (At-Risk, Unsheltered and Veterans), Fitness (Health and Wellness), Future (Sustainability), and Further (Systemic Justice).

"With this past year being so tough for so many, we wanted to work alongside the Tampa Bay Super Bowl Host Committee and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to ensure we were able to help those in the greatest need immediately and make a positive impact," said NFL Vice President of Philanthropy and Executive Director of the NFL Foundation, ALEXIA GALLAGHER. "We're proud that our grant partnership has helped to provide meaningful resources and support to the Tampa Bay community during these challenging times and for years to come."

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