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Naomi Osaka comes back and beats Katie Boulter after dropping first set

New York- Naomi Osaka avoids the trap game and defeats Katie Boulter 3-6, 6-3, and 6-1.

Naomi Osaka faced a very ferocious Katie Boulter on her quest with making it out of the sweet sixteen for the Gippsland Trophy warm-up tournament. Osaka had a 2-1 lead early on in the first set, but Boulter made a game out of it. With almost dropping a set, Osaka hit a cross shot and forced Boulter to hit a ball that went out of bounds to keep her in the lead at 3-2.

Osaka lost her composure in the fourth set and dropped it. That was the first time that Osaka looked uncomfortable against Boulter. Osaka had to attempt to dig herself out of a 5-3 hole by being the aggressor, but unforced errors cost her the set, 6-3.

In the second set, Osaka was all business and was very aggressive with hitting her forehand shots and backhand shots. Osaka had a 4-1 lead at one point, but once again Boulter kept Osaka on her toes with her cross shots. Osaka was either miss timing the ball or unforced errors helped Boulter get back into the game 4-3. Despite the close scare, Osaka went on to win the set 6-3.

Osaka looked fresh and focused in the third set. She did not have many unforced errors and went on to escape the trap game 6-1.


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